There are many jobs in the vast ocean of the internet. One can get many oppurtunities. But, not all the job providers are Genuine. I have got a Training session, where we were familiarized with some of the genuine online jobs that were being used by many users.

Let's not talk more and start the tutorial.
Even if you are a basic in computer field, DON'T WORRY.  I shall start the tutorial from the basics. 

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You should not be limited to the small projects. For some big projects , one have to choose some field. I have chosen programming. Web designing has got many market. There are thousands of jobs waiting for the web designers, that's why i have tried to make my career in web designing. The steps involved are serially my footsteps in my career. I'll be updating the blog in the same pattern as i have moved in my career. Here, I'll be explaining about some of the programming languages that are very much useful for the web designing..
Some of the basics and most used tools for Web designing are:
1. PHP
6. CSS
9. XML

Here, I'll be explaining some of the expects of the web designing.....

1. PHP : 
 PHP is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. PHP is the widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft's ASP. To know more about PHP, then click on PHP tab in top of the page..

2. JAVA:
JAVA is another Object oriented programming language which has varied scope and the scope is increasing day by day. It is based on open source and it's applications are cross platforms i.e the applications work on windows, linux e.t.c To learn more about JAVA, then click on the JAVA tab above..

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